Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey pretties!
I think we have all made our own Christmas ornaments at one time or another. If you're like me, you have a bunch of gaudy ones from grade school with your face plastered on the front of it. Oh, yay... ;) Even if you had the worst buck teeth ever, Mom probably still to this day, loves to put it front-and-center on the Christmas tree. Lucky you! I assure you that not all homemade ornaments are bad! I love making my own ornaments; it really puts me in the Christmas mood. Whether you make a paper, felt, plastic, or glass ornament, it is better than the rest because YOU made it! With all of these cute DIY ornaments, you can switch out all of your old embarrassing ornaments for these cute ones! Goodbye buck teeth! Most of these awesome ornaments have tutorials for them, so click on the links underneath the pictures to find out how to make them!

You can buy glass or plastic ornaments like these at craft stores that are empty and you can just pull the tops right off and back on. Stuff them with paper, feathers, little painted styrofoam balls, glitter, leaves, or even paint them! Be creative! Send me pictures of the ones you make and I'll put them up! Happy crafting!

Elisa McLaughlin
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The Cheese Thief
The Cheese Thief
Creations by Kara
The Cheese Thief
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