About Moi

Hi everyone! My name is Rashelle and I'm an Indiana girl. I am project and office manager at an advertising agency in Fort Wayne, called Boyden and Youngblutt. My job is super awesome and I work with some great, creative people. When I'm not at work, I like to cook, craft, and watch Netflix. I have a wonderful family, awesome friends, and a great boyfriend. I haven't used this blog in a couple of years, and I'm super excited to get it up and running again. Since I've been away from the blogging world, I have bought a house, got a nice, new job, and have put my big girl pants on. I surprisingly like cleaning and I'm starting to become an okay cook. I hope you enjoy my blog, as it will be full of randomness. Feel free to send me any comments or ideas. Thanks for reading!
<3 Rashelle









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