Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yarn Wreaths

Hello Crafties!
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick of seeing the same ol' Christmas wreaths every year engulfed with greenery. It's almost 2012 people, lets update! I found some of these yarn wrapped wreaths online and I just fell in love with them! I had to make one for myself! Don't get scared, they are pretty easy! The only annoying part is wrapping the styrofoam ring over and over again with a big ball of yarn. There is no quick way to do this! But if you happen to be a genius and figure out a fast way, please save me. I made this green, white, and silver wreath to match my bedroom. I went to my local craft store and picked out some of this cute stuff for about $15. You can get any color of yarn you want and any decorations that stand out to you and your pretty self. Be creative! I love love love green and silver together. They're kind of my thing. I would definitely get a rounded styrofoam ring for your base. They have squared ones and straw ones, but I think these smooth, rounded ones work just right.

What you need:

-Styrofoam ring or something of the sort
-Yarn (any color)
-Hot glue gun
Okay, this is pretty simple, I promise! First, glue the end of the yarn to the back of the wreath, and just start wrapping (neatly!). You can choose to wrap once, or wrap 5 times. It is your choice! Once you take five hours to get that done (only joking..), start gluing and pinning all of your decorations on. Layer them however you would like. I covered the stems of the pretties with the the flowers. There is no fancy way of doing this. As long as you position it the way you want and it is secure, then your wreath is great!
Here is my finished wreath!!!
Pretty, huh?

Here are some other pretty wreaths I found! Send me pictures of yours!

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